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Secure Communications Solutions

Secure Voice, Text, Email and File Sharing

SCP (Secure Communications Platform) 

Make secure encrypted voice calls and securely share voice notes, email, instant messages, files and media

Secure Video Conferencing and Data Collaboration

Secure Video Conferencing 

AES 256 encrypted live video conferencing and data collaboration platform to enable remote secure meetings 

Secure Email for Microsoft Outlook

Secure Email 

Integrate Microsoft Outlook with a secure plug-in for AES 256 encrypted

email capability within your existing email interface

Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Centralised management and protection of endpoint devices including mobiles devices, laptops and desktops.


Enigma X

End-to-End Top Secret Encrypted Communicator


StealthWAN Network Protection

Advanced network protection that integrates seamlessly into existing network infrastructure.

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