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Secure Communications Platform  

Secure Voice Calls

Secure Instant Messaging

Secure Email

Secure File Sharing

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Why SCP?


In recent years cyber security threats have significantly increased in frequency and severity, particularly targeting mobile users using smart devices. As conversation eavesdropping and content interception has become an exponentially growing reality, the deployment of trusted security applications on mobile devices, to prevent unauthorized access, has become imperative.   

Keeping your confidential information confidential.



- Centralised Management 

- Secure One-to-One/ Group Calling 

- Secure Email Integration 

- Secure File, Image and Data Transfer

- Secure Private Instant Messaging 

- Active Directory Integration 

- Simple Rollout 

- AES256 Bit Encryption 

- Auditable History 

- Push Notifications

- Multiple Authentication Modes 

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