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Secure Wide Area Network Encryption

StealthWAN is a sovereign advanced network protection solution, developed and patented in South Africa. StealthWAN increases the security of your network perimeter by obfuscating your Wide Area Network from external threats, and encrypting all communications between your connected locations. 

Advanced network protection that integrates seamlessly into existing network infrastructure


enables your network to operate in "Stealth" mode, completely unseen by external parties

• AES 256, TLS 1.2, SHA512 encryption

• Integrates into existing Certificate Authorities (CA)

• Supports internal CA

• Resilient connectivity through seamless failover

• Central configuration/policy management

• Automated deployment and provisioning

• Patented STEALTH security offering

• Can be customised based on requirements

• Supports dynamic routing protocols

• Source code available for purchase

• Virtualised and hardware solutions

• Full stateful firewall

Annual penetration testing performed by world-leading third parties, ensuring continuous, incomparable protection

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