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What is MC-PTT?


MC-PTT is the integration of mobile devices using a secure tactical push-to-talk platform. Providing users with the ability to communicate seamlessly and securely at the touch of a button.

MC-PTT is a secure mobile communication solution which enables users to connect to a secure PTT infrastructure using mobile devices such as smartphones and other internet PTT devices. It provides an inexpensive and efficient solution for the rollout of mission critical communications to numerous entities making it an ideal solution for first responders, government security agencies and emergency response teams. 

MC-PTT devices can be  integrated with traditional radio networks to include all radio gateways and interoperable devices in the PTT platform.


To find out more about Unified Tactical Push-to-Talk 

Mobile Phone

Supported Devices

- Apple iOS and Android smartphones

- Apple iOS and Android tablets

- Mobile devices with dedicated PTT buttons

- Bluetooth radio speaker microphones and headsets

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