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Unified Tactical Communications


Securely connect anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Push-to-Talk (PTT) 

 Communicate instantly and securely at the push of a button across all networks

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Command Center Management

Create, direct and manage talk groups.

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Connect Channels

Seamlessly and securely connect cross platform communication channels .

Seamlessly and securely integrate disparate communication channels.

How it works

Unified Tactical Communications integrates computers into existing radio network infrastructures, enabling users to make use of push-to-talk functionality across multiple disparate different networks, with added functionalities such as imagery, location information and instant messaging. 

Integrating traditional radio networks with a Unified Tactical PTT solution allows for the re-use of existing infrastructure without the need for total replacement of existing hardware, allowing for a phased approach to rollout when implementing the solution. 

a Unified Push-to-Talk Solution

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