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Signal Hill Cape Town South Africa

Innovative turn-key solutions and services

for unsurpassed tactical advantage

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We are Specialised Technologies and Services 

We are driven by customer requirements, our combined years of experience and deep understanding of our clients operational requirements and environments, has nurtured the development of many of our unique in-house products and solutions. To expand on our offering, we have partnered with carefully selected, best-of-breed, technology partners that compliment and enhance our in-house portfolio. Allowing us to offer holistic turn-key solutions with incomparable capabilities, at competitive prices.

We place a strong emphasis on innovation and collaboration, encouraging ideas to flow freely between our team members and partners. We embrace technological development, always keeping future applications in mind in the design process. We develop long-term relationships in with our clients, attaining a deep understanding of their needs and identifying technological changes and developments that provide opportunities and threats in their operational environments. 

We are passionate about designing and developing bespoke communication solutions that turn heads. 

Our Values

Customer Centric

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We are passionate about providing solutions that are a best-fit for our clients needs, driven in design by their requirements and strategic objectives.

Innovation Driven


We design  and develop leading, innovative solutions that provide users with unparalleled capabilities for tactical advantage. 

Outcome Invested

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We a build long term relationships with our clients, we understand their unique needs and environmental challenges. 

For support or enquiries email us at:

Tel: +27 (0)12 658 5740

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