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Wireless Signal Jamming 

One App,
Many Uses

Our wireless signal jamming solutions aid mandated government security and military entities to disrupt transmitting devices such as radar, propaganda radio, illegal listening devices and GSM cell phones within specific environments where their use is prohibited. 

These sophisticated systems, when used by trained mandated operators, are an effective technique to prevent the successful transmission or connection between transmitting and receiving devices. 

Image by Joshua Slate

Systems for deployment in a wide variety of mandated environments, with the ability to cover multiple targeted frequencies (HF, VHF, UHF, SHF and higher). 

Small, discreet and transportable for close range use in offices, embassy's, meeting rooms and other locations where sensitive information is shared

Vehicle installations military and commercial vehicles for use at scheduled events and in tactical operations. 

High power units for static installations in locations where the use of GSM devices is prohibited such as high security detention facilities.  

Static and mobile signal jamming systems can provide life saving tactical advantage to government security agencies in instances where illegal listening devices would potentially relay the contents of confidential meetings or where there is a risk of GSM and radio signals enabling remote explosives or IED's to be triggered. 

essential tactical advantage

Wireless Signal Jamming systems are only available to approved, mandated Government clients.

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