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VSAT Services

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Fixed Installations | Quick Deploy | Mobile (On-the-Move)


What we offer

We provide VSAT hardware and services throughout Africa, for dedicated point-to-point and shared VSAT services. Satellite landing options both in Africa and Europe. 


We design, supply, install and commission solutions for fixed, quick-deploy and mobile (on-the-move) installations. We support C, X, Ku- and Ka- bands for low, standard and extended frequencies. 

We provide complete system life cycle support including design, installation, commissioning and management.

Installation options


Fixed Installations

We provide a variety of VSAT antennas that provide fixed location satellite connectivity. Installations of terminals can be designed to accommodate a variety of site installation requirements including wall-mount, king post and non-pen mount. 


Quick Deploy Terminals

We provide various terminal options for lightweight, rugged quick deployment scenarios. Ideal for use when connectivity will be needed at a remote location for a short or limited duration of time, these terminals require no specialised tools or equipment to deploy and can be set-up in a manner of minutes. Options are available for auto-acquire terminals, which make connection to the network quick, seamless and simple for the user. 



On-the-Move Terminals

Our variety of on-the-move VSAT terminals provide continuous connectivity for users in various kinds of vehicles, technological advances have ensured that antennas are always connected and  aligned with the in-service satellite for uninterrupted coverage.


Hybrid on-the-move terminals allow for users to make use of 4G as a seamless failover for instances where line-of-site to the satellite is lost, with seamless switchover back to satellite services once the signal is regained.


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