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Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Technologies

Technologies used as a counter measure against electronic eavesdropping and illicit surveillance.

Technologies that keep confidential conversations, confidential. 

What is TSCM

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM),are measures taken to mitigate the threat of technical surveillance or eavesdropping. Areas where confidential information is frequently shared such as embassy offices, consulate offices, residences, VIP hotel rooms, boardrooms, vehicles and conference rooms are often at risk of being plagued by illicit surveillance and electronic eavesdropping devices. These devices are frequently installed to illegally listen in on conversations, intercept telephone calls or tap into data networks, and pose a threat to confidential information. 


TSCM technologies are technologies used by trained professionals to identify, detect and locate illicit surveillance and electronic eavesdropping devices .

Small, lightweight, easily transportable. Ideal for travel and interdepartmental use. 

TSCM Modules

Wideband Digital Spectrum Analyser

- Baseline Signal Spectrum Analyser


Non-Linear Junction Analyser

- Locating hidden electronic devices


Counter Surveillance Probe and Monitor

-Detection of hidden electronic devices


Wideband RF Scanner

-Detection of radio frequencies


Single Line Telephone and Network Analyser

- Detection of devices on telephone and network cabling


Video Pole Camera

- Detection and identification of hidden devices in hard-to-reach places


Additional countermeasure detection devices for specialised detection methods

TSCM Modules can detect illicit devices in various locations and installations.

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