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RF Surveillance   

Detect, Intercept and Decode Radio Frequencies 

Our RF surveillance systems provide users with the capability to decode typical radio transmissions in real-time. Specialised wide-band RF receivers are used in fixed, mobile and airborne installations to detect and listen to transmissions. 

The specialised technologies in these systems allow users to detect, intercept and decode radio frequencies, and to use radio frequencies to acquire tracking and location information of targets for use in tactical operations. 

Systems capable of analysing HF, UHF, VHF, GSM, Wi-Fi and Microwave transmissions

System Capabilites  

Signal Analysis .png

Signal Analysis

Intercept and Decode Transmitted Traffic


Traffic Analysis

Monitor Traffic Types and Volume of Traffic

Geo Location.png


Location Information for use in Tactical Operations

RF Surveillance is a specialised field, achieving desired outcomes using these specialist technologies requires skilled, trained operators. 

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