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Delivering high-quality, primary healthcare with satellite connectivity in rural and remote areas.

Portability | Accessibility | Affordability 

Enabling rural communities and operations in remote locations to have access to primary healthcare, with the ability to connect to doctors and specialists around the globe from any location. 

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Can be added to fixed sites or vehicles such as new or existing clinic buildings or trucks. 

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Patient vitals are recorded through the Digimed 5 Plus remote health kit, which can be customised according to the on-site medical needs.


Information is relayed to health care professionals for diagnosis, who can also perform remote video consults through the system

Each installation is uniquely designed to into consideration environmental factors, medical requirements, available communication networks,  daily use of the system and budgetary constraints.

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Medical facilities or clinics which need to operate outside of terrestrial network coverage are equipped with satellite antenna installations, the solution makes use of a least-cost routing system which means communications will always choose the most cost-effective channel available, with satellite as a back-up.

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The Digimed Five Plus medical suite is designed to operate efficiently and cost-effectively over low-bandwidth, which means that even in the most remote locations, medical data and secure video consults can be shared with healthcare professionals globally over satellite links.

The DigiMed Five Plus is a fully customisable primary healthcare telemedicine kit, designed for use in remote environments


Ideal for : 

- Remote work sites

- Emergency care 

- Mobile clinics 

- Home health care


Bringing the specialist to the patient anywhere,anytime.

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