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Security Camera

Optical Surveillance   

Visually monitor, record and observe people, places and activities. 

Optical surveillance systems that enable the gathering of real-time surveillance intelligence, from imagery and video footage, using static, mobile and airborne assets. 




Camera Technologies 

Designed with a wide a variety of camera technologies to accomodate a range of surveillance operations, both on the ground or in the air, technologies include: 

- Mobile Cameras 

- Static Mount Cameras 

- PTZ Cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) 

- FLIR Cameras 

- Thermal Cameras

Fixed-Wing Glider

Airborne Platforms

VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) drones are used within designed systems to support lightweight, powerful gimble optical cameras. VTOL drones can be configured for autonomous flight and mission and are the ideal optical surveillance platform for long duration missions.

Centralised Monitoring and Control

Sophisticated monitoring and control software allows for the centralised management of surveillance imagery and video, with integrated AI and analytics it provides decision makers and operational personnel with the ability to detect, identify and react to threats timeously. The system also provides mission history and evidence storage and back-up.  

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