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Integrated Radio Networks  

Intelligent Radio-over-IP

Intelligent Integrated Radio Networks, enables users to interconnect disparate radio networks dynamically, in real-time.

Why Integrated Radio Networks?

Integrated Radio Networks uses RoIP (radio-over-IP) protocol to seamlessly connect geographically separate radio networks. Secure RoIP gateways enable users to extend and integrate radio networks from static and mobile platforms. Once deployed, these networks no longer need to be interconnected using repeaters or long-distance microwave links as communications take place locally over deployed links like satellite or GSM. 

Disparate radio networks, irrespective of manufacturer, make, model and frequency can be integrated. 

Interconnect & extend connectivity


  • Seamlessly interconnect any radio network, including local radio networks and geographically separate networks 

  • One-to-one and one-to-many calls on the network 

  • Extend radio coverage over large geo-graphic areas with the ability to extend networks globally

  • Integrate analogue to analogue, analogue to digital and digital to digital

  • Frequency agnostic 

  • Modulation agnostic