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a secure, tactical communications solution by Specialised Technologies and Services


Radio Frequency and Type Independent

Integrated Radio Networks system provides always-on, interoperable radio communication for land, air and sea assets irrespective of geographic location or distance between assets. 

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Future Proof Technology Platform

Our Integrated Radio Network solution allows for backward and forward technology compatibility. The system integrates older analogue radios with the newer digital radios, irrespective of their frequencies (VHF/ UHF/ HF), and also interconnects newer smart devices into one seamless, integrated push-to-talk network.

Analogue <-> Digital

Analogue <-> Smart Devices

Digital <-> Smart Devices

Total Interoperability 

Across VHF/ UHF/ HF, 3G, 4G, 5G

Seamless Platform Ideal for Joint Operations

The Integrated Radio Networks system provides seamless and instant capability for joint operations to link multiple tactical units such as the police, military, fire brigade and first responders, to a joint shared radio channel in the event of emergencies or high profile events. 

police and presidential protection
first responders and private security
military and border patrol

System Benefits 

No range or geographic limit, the system extends existing radio coverage and allows assets on land, air and sea to communicate from anywhere in the world, even while moving. 

Allow users from different radio networks to connect seamlessly while still using their existing radio communication equipment, making the the offering a logistically simplified, cost-effective capability enhancing solution. 

Dynamic talk group creation with dispatcher level management for seamless joint operations. Automatic call transfers without the explicit need for manual transmission.

Reliable, real-time communication between headquarters and multiple disparate sites that use disparate equipment, facilitating accurate and meaningful decision making. 

Forwards and backwards compatible, allowing incorporation of existing equipment and new technologies. Avoid large capital expenditure and complex logistics associated with new system rollout and new equipment training. 

Smart least-cost routing to ensure normal communications choose the most cost-effective medium with an automatic switchover to failover mediums for uninterrupted, reliable communications. 

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