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Independent Communications
Network (ICN)

a tactical communications infrastructure and service by Specialised Technologies and Services.

Independent, private, encrypted, high speed data network with unlimited data.

ICN is a private communications infrastructure and service that dynamically creates a robust, reliable and secure IP network for high volume data communications. 

Private Network with Global Reach

ICN provides a private network with no external contention, unlimited data use and the ability to communicate with global IP connectivity reach. 

Rapid Single or Multi Network Deployment

The ICN can be set-up to create a single or multi interconnected network from static, mobile and air deployements.

Cost Saving Solution 

Provides a connectivity platform to be used with existing communications devices such as handheld radios, IP cameras, sensors and other smart devices.

applications for government, military and private sector communications capabilities

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Government | Military | Police

Supporting real-time video, voice, data applications, push-to-talk (PTT) communications, body worn cameras. the system also supports integrating other sensor systems such as access control systems, CCTV , geo-fencing of personnel and intruder detection. 


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Private Sector

Supporting real-time remote sensors, telemetry, access control, CCTV, video, voice and data applications, geo-fencing, intruder alerting, asset tracking and fleet management within numerous private sector industries such as utilities, mining, oil and gas, healthcare, construction etc. 

System Features and Benefits 


Privacy and Security 

Independent, encrypted private high-speed data network. 


Data Usage

Unlimited data usage within the private network. 


Centralised Management & Monitoring

All individual devices and sources of information within coverage area can be linked to operational centres and control rooms outside the coverage area. 


Asset Tracking and Geo-Fencing

Track personnel, vehicles and equipment within coverage area, define geo-fencing parameters and detect perimeter intruders. 


System Reliability and Speed 

As a private communications network, operating independently without external contention the system infrastructure provides users with increased speed and reliability. 


Cost Saving Implementation 

Existing equipment and devices are compatible with the private network infrastructure, allowing users to benefit from increased capabilities without the need for large initial capital expenditure for new devices. This means that connected devices within the network can be independently sourced and up-scaled. 

Key Service Features

Security Cameras

CCTV Video Footage 

Bodycam Footage

Asset Geo-Fencing

UAV Surveillance Footage


Asset and Personnel Tracking


Perimeter Protection

Push-to-Talk and Mobile Radios

Remote Sensors and Telemetry 


Voice, Image and Messages

Enabling high volume data transmission from within the coverage area to operations rooms and command centres 

flexible deployment, endless applications

The solution has been designed to function in a variety of deployment scenarios 



Installed at fixed locations to provide private coverage at the location and surrounding areas.



Installed into the communications vehicle of a convoy or on to a tactical vehicle to provide private communications on the move. 

Image by CapDfrawy


Installed on to a UAV, aircraft, helicopter or deployed by balloon, typically used in disaster areas.



Divided into military grade rugged transportable cases for dynamic deployment options. 

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