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Homeland Security/ Defence Support Services

Remote targeted intelligence gathering services to support proactive prevention efforts against terrorism.

Image by Mael BALLAND

Remote GSM Location Services

For mandated government departments only: Obtain real-time GPS location positions of targets’ GSM location

Image by Gian Cescon

Remote Targeted Intelligence Gathering

For mandated government departments only: Remote access of a target’s emails and private messaging application accounts.

Monitoring Room

Cyber Investigation & Monitoring Platform

For mandated government departments only: An integrated Intelligence Platform that provides mandated government departments to conduct investigations and monitoring of illegal activities with access to a Joint Intelligence Database Search Platform. The System allows each government department to have their own server with specific customised module access and user specific structure.

The Investigation and Monitoring Platform includes the following modules:

  • INT Encrypted Instant Messages and Email Investigation & Monitor Module

  • INT Underground Forums & Dark Web Module

  • INT Monitoring of Media & Post Tracking

  • FININT Module: Investigation & Monitor Module: Payment Gateways, Card Processing, ATMs, Online Banking 

  • Smart Crypto & Contracts Analytics (SC & CA) Module

  • INT Social Media Analysis Module: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn

  • Smart Face & Facial Recognition Analytics Module | Automated Identity System Module

  • Legal & Smart Contract Analytics

  • INT Database Platform Search Module: Access to unlimited data sources and types, with a wide range of searchable options, such as forum nickname, social media screen names, media post name,  email, ICQ, name of user, telephone, EMEI, passwords

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