Early Warning System

Providing life saving tactical advantage by pre-empting potential attacks and intrusions.

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Detect rising threats, before they occur

The Early Warning System (EWS) is designed to provide tactical advantage by pre-empting potential attacks. The system provides threat information within a surveyed coverage area by alerting operators when changes in in normal behavioural patterns occur, allowing users to deploy quick reaction units for investigation or counter measures before an attack can occur. 

In volatile environments the ability to detect potential attacks provides tactical advantage that saves lives.

How the system works 

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The system makes use of an active and/or passive detection module that scans a wide band of typically used frequencies in quick succession across the target area. Detected frequencies can range from military and commercial VHF and UHF to frequency bands frequently used by GSM network providers. This means that during a scan, active threat or insurgent devices can be detected. When unusual activity is detected and identified within the target area, the system has the ability to provide range and direction for the detected threat displayed on a visualisation dashboard, allowing users to alert or deploy quick response forces for investigation. 

Where GSM coverage is available, threat location information can be transmitted to smart devices. 

Early Warning

The system provides pre-emptive intelligence that allows for investigation and pro-active prevention of attacks or intrusions before they occur.


Small Form Factor(SWaP)

System modules are small, lightweight and discreet making it easy to transport and discreet to install with low power consumption.


Simple to Operate

The system is controlled on a single unified, easy to use dashboard interface



Optional additional system modules including:

-IMSI Catcher

-Private LTE Module

-Queue to Slew Camera

-Audio Demodulation

-Heartbeat Detection

-Customer Specific Add-Ons


System Advantages