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Airborne ISR using COFDM

Real-time tactical information shared with deployed assets within coverage area 

In tactical operations, accurate, real-time intelligence can be the difference between success and failure



COFDM, or Coded Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing, is a modulation scheme that divides a single digital signal across 1,000 or more signal carriers simultaneously.

When signals are being transmitted, they are often met with environmental obstructions such as canyons, buildings or even people, these obstructions scatter the signals causing them to take two or more paths to reach the receiver. This results in signal interference, the late arrival of scattered portions of the signal.


COFDM, because it uses multiple carriers to transmit the same signal, is resistant to multi-path effects.

Instead of scattering when met with an obstacle, it flows around the obstacle, making it a robust and exceptionally reliable modulation scheme. Proven to be very resilient in airborne ISR applications.


COFDM, being a robust and reliable means of modulation enables deployed forces (foot soldiers, vehicles, vessels and air assets) to receive the modulated signal from the ISR platform, ensuring error free delivery of the transmitted information for timely, informed decision making.

Our technology brings intelligence to deployed assets in real-time.

Benefits of COFDM for ISR

Robust and Reliable

Instead of signals scattering around obstacles, signals flow around obstructions making message delivery robust and reliable


Self Forming, Self Healing Mesh Network

The COFDM system acts as a full-mesh network that is self forming and self healing, if one node in the system does not see it’s next node it will automatically receive signal from another adjacent node in real-time



Once the system is deployed, there are no additional associated operational costs for bandwidth or airtime


Small, Lightweight Form Factor

COFDM end-user devices are small enough to easily fit into the battledress of a soldier, into a backpack or be carried by hand.


How it works 

Assets within the coverage area equipped with COFDM user equipment can receive real-time tactical intelligence, live imagery, video and sensor feeds from the transmitting UAV platforms.


Connected assets also benefit from bi-directional voice and tactical push-to-talk.

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