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Advanced Training Services

The following Specialised Services are only available to mandated government clients. 

Image by Jesse Young

Training Programs

We draw from a large pool of expertise. All instructors are combat veterans, each a subject matter specialist in their field.

Various backgrounds of our instructors:

  • UK SBS and SAS, SGSG, Marine Commandos

  • French Foreign Legion

  • South African Special Forces and Commandos

  • Dutch Commandos

With this exceptional mix of specialised skills and experience, the training programs are adapted to the client’s needs and objectives. Our training programs are not only focussed on skills transfer, but include advanced operational mentorship elements. Training on our ‘Specialised Technologies and Systems’ is incorporated into each training module for the various fields of discipline.

Programs Offered:

  • Advanced Secure Communications and Integrated Tactical Radio Networks Training Programs 

  • Intelligence Gathering Training Programs 

Various Technologies and Skills (Strategic and Tactical)

  • Drone Pilot Programs​

Tactical ISR Operations and ISR Command and Control System Operations

  • Urban Operations Training Programs ​

  • Maritime Operations Training Programs 

  • Counterterrorism | Anti-Riot | SWAT

  • Parachute Training 

  • Advanced Weapon Systems and Tactics Training

  • EOD and Demolitions Training 

  • Advanced Medical Training

  • AviationTraining 

Surveillance and Reconnaissance | Medical Evacuation | Hostile Extraction | Air Crew Escape and Evasion | Rotary and Fixed Wing Cargo

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