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a tactical communications service by Specialised Technologies and Services.

Enabling critical services to dynamically deploy a dedicated, encrypted LTE network when terrestrial networks fail. 

The "insert solution name" by Specialised Technologies and services provides police, military and first responders with the ability to have an encrypted LTE network dynamically established for high data communications in critical situations

High Volume Data Sharing 

Ideal for sharing video and imagery 

Flexible Deployment Options

Various fixed and mobile deployment installations 

Reliable and Encrypted

Providing a secure, reliable network when needed most

Enable resources to protect key national infrastructure during major events

Power Grid Collapse 




Riots and Unrest 




Security Cameras

CCTV Footage 

Bodycam Footage


UAV Footage

Mobile Radios


real-time video and imagery to operations rooms and command centres

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An encrypted, high volume data platform 

The dedicated encrypted LTE network provides a platform for sharing high-volume data. This platform can typically be used for: 

- Video Surveillance (Static, Mobile and Airborne) 

- Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MC-PTT) 

- Data Sharing 

- Secure Voice Calling (one-to-one and group) 

- Secure Text, Video and Image Sharing 

- Secure Video Conferencing 

- Artillery Fire Control Systems

- Blue Force Tracking

Flexible deployment, endless applications.

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Installed at an HQ, Forward Operating Base or at an operational location to provide private coverage at the location.



Installed into the communications vehicle of a convoy or on to a tactical vehicle to provide private communications on the move. 

Image by CapDfrawy

Airborne PTT

Installed on to a UAV, aircraft, helicopter or deployed by balloon, typically used in disaster areas.


Airborne ISR

Providing deployed assets within coverage with live video feed and tactical information from UAV platforms.

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