Private LTE 

dynamic creation of a private LTE network for static, mobile and airborne applications

Private LTE allows users to easily share large volumes of data within a dynamically created private communications "bubble". 

Image by Randy Fath

The LTE eNodeB

The LTE eNodeB uses a combination of technologies to provide private communication capabilities. It combines the use of LTE, for broadband communication speed, with an evolved NodeB core (eNodeB), providing radio network access. 


The Private LTE eNodeB allows users to create their own controlled and managed private communications 'bubble', isolated from commercial mobile operators. The created private communications 'bubble' allows for total privacy and isolated usage of bandwidth and services within the coverage area.

The LTE eNodeB makes use of a Software Defined Radio (SDR) that allows the user program different frequencies for different deployments ensuring that the system will provide the best coverage possible for each operation.

Small and lightweight with low power consumption (SWaP), the LTE eNodeB is ideal for use in remote locations 


Image by Andrew Gaines


Installed at an HQ, Forward Operating Base or at an operational location to provide private coverage at the location.



Installed into the communications vehicle of a convoy or on to a tactical vehicle to provide private communications on the move. 

Image by CapDfrawy

Airborne PTT

Installed on to a UAV, aircraft, helicopter or deployed by balloon, typically used in disaster areas.


Airborne ISR

Providing deployed assets within coverage with live video feed and tactical information from UAV platforms.

Connectivity from the LTE eNodeB

The LTE eNodeB provides a platform for sharing high-volume data. This platform can typically be used for: 

- Video Surveillance (Static, Mobile and Airborne) 

- Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MC-PTT) 

- Data Sharing 

- Secure Voice Calling (one-to-one and group) 

- Secure Text, Video and Image Sharing 

- Secure Video Conferencing 

- Artillery Fire Control Systems

- Blue Force Tracking