The Tactical Value of using a Private LTE Deployment

Updated: Oct 19


Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for broadband wireless communications used in mobile and data terminals used within the GSM environment. LTE is based on the EDGE/UMTS and HSPA technologies. LTE allows for broadband speeds to and from mobile and data devices and is based on new radio and core technology interfaces being used within the GSM environments.

LTE relies not only the wireless component but also on core technologies called a Evolved NodeB core – eNodeB. The eNodeB is core to the Radio Access Network – RAN and is responsible for control and network coverage.

Private LTE eNodeB

The deployment of a private LTE eNodeB allows an end user to create their own controlled and managed LTE private communications bubble that is isolated from commercial mobile operators and allows for total privacy and usage of the available bandwidth and services within the bubble.

LTE as a method of wireless communication, with its own eNodeB, allows this technology to be used in isolation of a commercial GSM operator. It gives the end user the ability to dynamically create a LTE coverage bubble wherever and whenever it is required.

The deployment of a LTE eNodeB allows for the instant creation of a LTE coverage bubble allowing for the easy sharing of large amounts of information between mobile and data devices. The system makes use of a Software Defined Radio – SDR that allows the end user to program different frequencies or different deployments ensuring that the system will provide the best coverage possible for each mission. As a Private LTE service, the system makes use of its own proprietary SIM cards that ensures that only the devices allocated these SIM cards will be able to securely connect to the deployed LTE eNodeB.

Unparalleled Tactical Advantage

Due its small and lightweight size, the private LTE eNodeB can easily be used in many diverse deployment scenarios, each with their own unique tactical benefits for operations.

Airborne for ISR : Installed on a UAV airborne platform giving mission soldiers within a coverage area with the capability to directly receive all live video feed from the UAV, on a high bandwidth private connection.

Airborne for PTT: In the event of natural disasters, unrest or front line emergency incidents when commercial GSM communications are unstable or unavailable, the deployment of the Private LTE eNodeB on an airborne platform such as an aircraft, UAV, helicopter or high altitude balloon provides a private communication LTE coverage area that enables Disaster Management and other task forces to have reliable private communications from their mobile devices, using a secure PTT platform. The nature of this deployment is ideal for joint operations as various task forces are able to seamlessly and securely connect to the secure network.

Static LTE ‘Bubble’: Static deployments are used to provide private LTE communications as fixed locations such as an HQ, FOB, Military Base or scheduled event. The deployment provides private LTE coverage within a pre-defined static area.

Mobile LTE: Mobile deployments of the LTE eNodeB are ideal to provide private LTE coverage to assets moving together within a coverage area such as VIP protection convoys, operational convoys or transportation parties for high value goods. The lightweight small form factor of the system means that it can easily and discreetly be installed on most vehicles and vessels.

Functionality within the Private LTE Coverage Area

· Video Surveillance – Static, Mobile and Airborne

· Mission critical Push-to-Talk (MC-PTT) - using a secure mobile application

· Data Sharing

· Secure Voice One-to-One and Group Calls

· Secure Text, Video and Image sharing

· Secure Video Conferencing

· Artillery Fire Control Systems – FCR

· Blue Force Tracking

Private LTE with Global Connectivity

The Private LTE eNodeB can be connected to any IP infrastructure in order to ensure that the private LTE bubble and applications can be interfaced into the public domain or any other private network. The interconnect between the Private LTE and the public IP infrastructure can be using the following interconnect methods:

· 3G/4G/5G

· Inmarsat BGAN

· Thuraya IP


· Microwave

· Wireless

· Optic Fibre


· any IP Carrier


The LTE eNodeB is small, lightweight and has a low power consumption allowing this technology to be used in a wide variety of installations such as UAV platforms, within a backpack and in remote areas that do not have access to constant power infrastructure. In installation instances where power is unreliable or unavailable, power can be supplied to the installation using a combination of battery and solar power solutions.

Private Connectivity, Rapid Deployment, Tactical Advantage.

The rapidly deployable, high-speed private connectivity that is provided by deploying a private LTE solution is a true tactical advantage in disasters and times of crisis. The flexibility of the solution also makes it ideal for interdepartmental use, making it an extremely cost-effective investment. The solutions ability to provide a reliable, private communication channel that resources can communicate on using existing hardware and applications means that little training or integration is needed. Although LTE as a communication method is well known and frequently used, the eNodeB deployment for tactical use provides first of its kind capabilities for intelligence sharing, rapid decision making and life-saving mission critical advantage in the field.

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