Airborne LTE for ISR

Real-time tactical information shared with deployed assets

In tactical operations, accurate, real-time intelligence can be the difference between success and failure


Why Airborne LTE for ISR?

With deployed airborne LTE for ISR, operational intelligence (images, video and sensors) can be transmitted in real-time to deployed assets within the coverage area of the airborne platform.

This enables timely, critical decision making by allowing intelligence to be shared directly with connected smart devices.

The airborne LTE conforms to SWaP (size, weight and power) requirements for all air frames, easily configurable and simple to use.

Our technology brings intelligence to deployed assets in real-time.

Smart Armband

for intelligence on the ground

Rugged, arm-worn android smart device with energy harvesting technology  providing extended battery life, full sun high visible screen, ideal for military smart applications and direct ISR image, video and voice capability

- Android OS 

- Rugged 

- High visibility screen 

- Long battery life 

- Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE connectivity